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Windsock error landing at Karumba

We were continuing in a mighty Cessna 206 loaded to the gunnels with five of us.

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Go around at Jabiru NT - visitors not expected

We had slept the night under the wings of the mighty VH-EPL a Cessna 206 at the airfield on Crocker Island. Today we were flying down to Jabiru to get some fuel and have a look at Kakadu.

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Pub crawling Bell 47 on lemon squash

Many years ago, in the 90s on a bright, still, spring morning, Louis Sheather dragged his Bell 47 helicopter out into the open from inside a shed...

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Full trim at Kalumburu landing

We were in our 206 (EPL), five of us flying around Australia for a month on a second trip...

Read Article 11 May 1987

Shute Harbour under cloud

It was 2 May 1984. We had been caught in Cairns for three days due to non VMC weather. It looked like there was a break, we made a run for it...

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Mitchell Plateau

On 23 April 1984, the mighty Cessna 206 EPL was further around Australia on our flying trip. We were at Mitchell Plateau. In those days a lonely dirt landing field, far up in the North West Kimberley region of Australia...

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Fuel tank burn out near Hay

We left Canberra with well less than full fuel. We had some baggage with us so full fuel tanks were not a possibility. Graham could not supply us with fuel. We needed fuel for the return flight...

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Hot take off

What’s that strange noise when I pull the yoke back? I did it again. Same noise! Damn I’ll have to shut down and investigate. Can you imagine the passengers...

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Melbourne to Perth

On 7 April 1984 the Cessna 206 Echo Papa Lima (EPL) took off from Canberra to Essendon in Melbourne. It was the first leg of a one month flying trip. We intended to circumnavigate Australia in a clockwise direction...

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White cross on runway

The Department man said there was a white cross on the runway and why did I ignore...

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A wing and a prayer into Nowra 

We lost some height but not enough. I rolled the aircraft to the other side applying hard left rudder...

Read Article 3 March 1980